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About dana

Dana is a Pali term meaning “generosity”. The fee charged for events only covers the hall hire and associated costs. At the end of the event you are given the opportunity to make a voluntary financial contribution to the teacher to support them in offering the teachings. This is called offering dana. In keeping with tradition of dana the teachers make no charge for their teaching and their only payment for leading classes and courses is the dana from the retreatants.

It is an invitation to participate in this ancient and rich tradition that has sustained the teachings for more than 2,500 years. Over the centuries it is this generosity that has enabled the the teachings to be offered without charge so that cost is not a barrier to anyone wishing to access the teachings. It has enabled the creation of retreat centres, the support of monasteries and a whole range of social and peace practices and projects. It enables teachers to continue teaching and supports the very life and sustainability of the teaching.

A box will be put out for dana at the end of all meditation classes and courses and you are warmly invited to make a contribution to support the continuation of the teachings.