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Insight Meditation

Insight or Vipassana meditation encourages an intimate non-judgemental awareness of our experience as it arises in each moment. By applying our attention in this way, insights into our true nature can effortlessly arise that free us to live in a more wise and compassionate relationship with ourselves and the world.

The practice begins with focusing attention on the sensations of breathing and the body. From there, one can open to include more and more of one’s experience within the field of mindfulness or present-moment awareness. Insight Meditation is part of a 2,500 year-old Buddhist tradition with deep and immediate relevance to life today.


At the heart of Insight / Vipassana meditation is the practice of mindfulness – being attentively present to what is happening in each moment. By developing our capacity to be aware of what is arising in each moment we can calm our minds and find a deeper level of peace and well-being that is not dependent on conditions. For mindfulness-based stress reduction courses and other mindfulness classes please click here.